Varnish – redirect to HTTPS with VCL 4.1

Varnish and HTTPS

Why doesn’t Varnish support SSL/TSL? This is a fact and there are many ways to handle this issue. If you want, it can be handled with NginX (as a TSL Terminatoin Proxy), in my opinion, Pound is a very good choice but not the only one. There are well-documended tutorials how to do this but I want to write about another problem witch, in my opinion, is not documented at all. How to redirect all requests to HTTP without an infinite loop?

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The MongoDB way.

The MongoDB way

This article is not about how bad MongoDB is, you can google it if you search for arguments. I heard the MongoDB had issues with failover, but I cannot confirm it from my experience. I heard bad opinions about this database engine, but it has good and bad sides. In my opinion, it is a good tool for coders.

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Why PSR?

Hello, today I want to say few words about PSR and answer to questions:

  1. What is this PSR?
  2. Why must everybody use PSR?
  3. Which PSR number is important to me?
  4. It is true that everybody must use it?

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